ELLIOTT Turbomachinery Controls Alliance

Here at Tri-Sen we have had a long standing relationship with Elliott that we formalized at the 2012 Turbomachinery Symposium. And while - in our opinion - the alliance makes perfect sense, it occurred to us that you might have some questions...

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The first quad-redundant, on-line repairable, on-line testable hydraulic trip system independently verified to meet SIL 3.

The TetraSentry has genuine reliability which means you don’t have to worry whether it’s going to trip your turbine when you need it to and it won’t trip your turbine when you don’t.

Most redundant hydraulic trip systems take up as much space as a small SUV, are about as complex and have nearly as many parts. The TetraSentry is simple, has very few parts and it’s about the size of your smallest Operator.

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So who are we?

At Tri-Sen Systems, we are committed to developing innovative turbomachinery control products that help you control and protect your rotating equipment. We love what we do. 35 years of great clients, innovation, products and service.

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