Tetrasentry Small

The first dual parallel-redundant, on-line repairable, on-line testable hydraulic trip system, TUV Certified SIL 3.

Tetrasentry Small

Application Overview

The TetraSentry is a dual parallel-redundant hydraulic trip block that’s on-line testable and on-line repairable. The TetraSentry is connected to the hydraulic trip header in parallel with the turbine trip valve. During a trip action, the high capacity solenoid valves dump the trip header fluid to the reservoir faster than the supply orifice can refill it. Testing is accomplished using pressure transmitters to monitor the state of each solenoid valve. They provide feedback to the control system to allow confirmation of the success of each step in the test. Isolation valves allow each pair of solenoid valves to be taken out of service and replaced without compromising the system’s ability to trip

Tetrasentry Simplified Dwg R2


  • TUV Certified, SIL 3
  • On-Line Testable
  • On-Line Repairable (ability to isolate either of the two parallel paths)
  • Off-the-Shelf, manifold mounted components (solenoid valves, block valves, restriction orifices, cartridge filters)
  • Application Appropriate Configuration
  • Optional Class 1, Div 1, electrical components

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