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While our headquarters is in Houston Texas, we have offices in Europe, Singapore, the Middle East, India and China providing turbomachinery controls solutions to the power and process industries throughout the world. Since 1976 our focus has been on supplying high-quality, control services and products for turbines, compressors and generators.

In addition to our comprehensive controls line, we also offer service expertise that includes general turbomachinery controls consulting, the development of high fidelity, first principles turbomachinery controls simulation models and studies, mechanical retrofit, turbomachinery controls application development, project implementation, and execution as well as turbomachinery controls installation, commissioning, start-up and performance bench-marking.

Whether it is a steam or gas turbine mechanical drive application for a pump, compressor or generator, or anti-surge protection for compressors; process plants around the world rely on Tri-Sen services and products.

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