In addition to supplying our own configurable turbomachinery controls products to the compression market, we also deliver integrated application-specific solutions using leading hardware platforms (PLC, DCS, configurable governors, and auxiliary protections).

Compressor Control Solutions Platform Experience
Brand Platform(s)
Allen Bradley ControlLogix, CompactLogix
Honeywell C300
Siemens S7, PCS7
Triconex (Schneider) Tricon, Trident, Tri-GP
Tri-Sen TS3000, TS160, TS310-SC

We supply both centrifugal and axial compressor controls solutions for Refining, Ethylene, Chemical, Ammonia, Fertilizer, LNG, and Transmission applications

Application Experience
Industry Plant/Unit/Machine
Refining Hydroprocessing, Fluid Catalytic Cracking - Power Recovery, Catalytic Reforming, Delayed Coking, Alkylation, Gas Plant
LNG Mixed Refrigerant, Propane Refrigeration, Boil-off Gas, Fuel Gas, Treat Gas
Ethylene Cracked Gas, C2 refrigeration, C3 refrigeration, Binary refrigeration, Heat Pump
Ammonia Process Air, Syngas, Ammonia Refrigerant, Feed Gas
Fertilizer CO2, Nitric Acid, Air, NOx
General Waste water, pipeline, etc.

Basic Compressor Throughput (Process, Performance) Control

The most basic compressor throughput control is typically accomplished with: discharge throttling, suction throttling, guide vane positioning, or speed control.

Basic Compressor Throughput (Process, Performance) Control


Typical Tri-Sen Basic Compressor Throughput Control includes:

  • Automated start-up / shutdown sequencing
  • Adaptive PID tuning
  • Bumpless transfer between process PID controls
  • Bumpless process PID Auto/Manual transitions
  • Process limit override controller(s)
  • Auxiliary controls (seal gas, lube oil, etc.)

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