We're commited to supporting your operations

To that end, we design our products to meet the long mission times you demand and we provide technical support, repair, replacement and compatible spare parts for our products for as long as we can. Additionally, it is our express intention to inform you as soon as possible when products begin to near the end of their production cycle because of parts obsolescence and/or manufacturing difficulties.

The following tables have been developed to help describe the product lifecycle for our current products, products that are getting longer of tooth, as well as all the legacy products we could think of.

As always, if you have any questions regarding our product lifecycle policies or pretty much anything else having to do with turbine control, feel free to contact us.

Lifecycle Phases
Phase Active Mature Limited Healthcare
Definition Sales & Manufacturing Stage Guaranteed Support Phase Limited Support Phase End of Life
Sales Actively Sold Available for sale mainly for system expansions. Not actively sold Product sold for spares only Last time buy & materials management options for spares to guarantee end-of-use system availability
Enhancements Periodic Functional Enhancements No enhancements, major anomalies fixed only Minor manufacturing fixes only If there are no active Healthcare programs, then the product is discontinued
Notifications 6 months notifications of Mature status to sales channels 6 months notification of Limited status for last time buy to customer base    
Licensing Active Software Support Licensing      
Active Phase Products
Product Description Next Review Update Product
TSx Programmable Platform for Engineered Projects 2020 --
310SV Single-Valve Steam Turbine Control 2020 --
TS300 Digital Turbine Governor 2020 --
TetraSentry Hydraulic Trip System 2020 --
TurboSafe Electronic Overspeed Protection 2020 --
DSC100 Digital Servo Controller 2020 --
LVDT Position Indicators Position Indicators 2020 --
Magnet Pickups & Gear Units Speed Pickups and Gears 2020 --

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