We've partnered with Braun (GmbH) to provide an API 612/ 670 compliant, configurable, TUV certified (SIL3), overspeed protection device with integrated TetraSentry testing.


Application Overview

For applications where the TSx may be “too much controller,” and the TurboSafe too little, we have partnered with Braun (GmbH) to provide an API 612 / 670 compliant, configurable, TUV certified (SIL3), overspeed
protection device with integrated TetraSentry testing.

The Braun is also suitable as a cost-effective interface to “partialstroke pneumatic trip systems.”

The Braun includes an integrated frequency generator to test the overspeed trip circuits, as well as supporting an HMI interface via Profibus communications protocol.

All active components (including the trip relays) are directly located on the Monitors and can be replaced during operation.

Braun Tri Sen


  • "On-Line" repairable
  • TUV SIL 3 certified
  • API 612/670 compliant
  • Front-Panel and Software Configurable
  • Integrated TetraSentry Testing

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