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At Tri-Sen Systems, we are committed to developing innovative turbomachinery control products that help you control and protect your rotating equipment. Here are some major milestones along the way.

The first Tri-Sen product, the M300 Electro Pneumatic Speed Controller, is developed by Tri-Sen founders.

First digital governor developed, the TS500, would change the market for turbine speed control forever.

IBM releases first personal computer.

The TS310 Simplex Digital Governor is released and would become the benchmark for steam turbine control in the process industry. The TS410 Dual Redundant Digital Steam Turbine Controller is developed for critical applications.

Tri-Sen releases the TS3000 and becomes first company to utilize a TMR PLC platform for critical TMC projects.

The first Analog Self Powered Speed Controller, TS110, is released.

Tri-Sen Acquired by Triconex Corporation

The IBM supercomputer Deep Blue defeats World Chess Champion Garry Kasparov.

TurboSentry 2oo3 Overspeed Protection Device released as electronic replacement for mechanical bolt.

As part of the Invensys-Triconex product line, Tri-Sen continues to innovate with the release of two new products, the 310SV Simplex Single Valve Governor and the TS320 Simplex Two Valve (Extraction) controllers.

Tri-Sen spun-off from Invensys by ex-Triconex employees. Company organized to focus exclusively on Turbomachinery Control.

Tri-Sen adds the TSx Programmable Controller to product offering, utilizing the lightning-fast, safety certified RTP hardware platform for both critical and non-critical applications.

Tri-Sen continues a history of innovation by releasing several new products, including the TS300 (the first digital self-powered governor), the DSC100 Digital Servo Controller, and the TetraSentry (quad-voter hydraulic trip block).

Tri-Sen and Elliott formalize a turbomachinery controls alliance. Elliott standardizes on Tri-Sen’s comprehensive lineup of turbomachinery control products for new turbine systems and aftermarket applications.