This Ain’t No Fooling Around

When it comes to compressor control, the TS160’s all business, all the time.

Comprehensive Compressor Control

If you need great stand-alone compressor surge protection with built in performance control the TS160 is worth a look. We’ve packaged our field proven compressor controls with a “built-in” HMI application, trending and event recording in an industry standard dual loop controller. The result is a sensible stand-alone compressor control package that… well, stands-alone.

In Search of Surge

You don’t need us to tell you that “recycling” when you’re operating a mile away from the compressor surge line is bad for business, but you may need some help determining where exactly that line is. As part of the TS160 configuration we’ll rationalize your compressor surge map to variables that can be measured and then configure the translated surge map into the TS160 (and share with you how we did it). Then, during commissioning, we can verify the surge line (using the fast trending and event software that’s included with your TS160) and ensure that your compressor operates at a margin that both you and your accountants can live with.

Information A Go-Go

The TS160 includes an integrated “front-mounted” interface and display that provides a window on compressor operation. Additionally, the TS160 comes standard with a PC accessible HMI display that shows you graphically where the compressor surge line is, the current surge margin and exactly where your compressor is operating. Moreover, the measured and calculated compressor operation parameters are available to your full time HMI via serial modbus communications.


The TS160 is a “stand-alone” multi-loop microprocessor based controller designed to control compressor surge and performance for motor or turbine-driven centrifugal and axial compressors in process applications, including refineries, petrochemicals, paper manufacturing, gas transmission pipelines, and many others. The TS160 has a 10ms input/output scan time and a 50 ms loop cycle time.


  • Small size and built-in termination assembly allow the controller to be mounted virtually anywhere.
  • Integrated operator interface provides a comprehen- sive window on compressor operation in intuitive format that makes it easy to learn to use
  • Easily read front-mounted displays and pushbuttons simplify operations, while standard communications features allow a detailed view of the compressor operating parameters on a personal computer (PC).
  • Proven anti-surge algorithms
  • Minimum flow fallback
  • Multiple load sharing solutions
  • On-line logic changes
  • Windows-based configuration tools
  • Universal surge curve approach
  • Setpoint hover
  • Adaptive gain
  • Surge override function
  • Automatic safety margin adjustment
  • Fast data acquisition
  • Integrated event recorder with X-Y plotting
  • MODBUS communications
  • Remote monitoring software
  • Peer-to-peer communications
  • Simple replacement
  • Fast data acquisition and XY plotting identify operating problems
  • On-line logic download changes eliminate shutdowns
  • Load sharing option allows parallel compressors to operate cooperatively
  • Real-time operating data views

Event Capture

The TS160 comes standard with a high speed trend recording and event capture tool that allows you to specify events and capture operating data in a configurable 30 minute window.


The TS160 control software combines field-proven surge protection and performance control algorithms with an intuitive configuration tool and an easy-to-use, Windows based real time compressor performance display. The TS160 also comes standard with fast trending, recording and event capture capabilities.

Compressor Surge and Peformance Controls

Using our universal surge curve approach and experience-based auxilliary functions, the TS160 can be configured to protect your compressor while minimizing process upsets. There’s a long list of standard control features that include- setpoint hover, automatic safety margin adjustment, adaptive gain, surge override and more.

Programming Software

The TS160 programmer is a Windows-based software application that allows the user to configure the controller from a PC. Simple and intuitive to use, configuring your basic surge application is as easy as selecting a control strategy, configuring the compressor surge curve in the surge curve tool and entering the transmitter scaling in the user-friendly drop-boxes. For applications that require a little more customization, the TS160 bridges the “application-gap” by providing programming tools that allow for added flexibility in your application configuration. Addtionally, the TS160 supports “on-line” changes to the application so you can modify the program while the compressor is running.


The TS160 Data Collection graphical HMI is accessible from your PC and includes a familiar P&ID graphic that shows compressor flows, pressures and valve positions as well as a real-time dynamic “X-Y” plot showing the surge line, safety margin, setpoint hover and the current operating point. In addition, the current compressor operating parameters are also displayed in a table-type format. A loop-selectable, time configurable real time trend is also displayed. The TS160 also supports both RS232 and 485 serial modbus communications.


Analog Input Specifications

Feature Description
Number of Inputs 4 inputs with user selectable voltage / current ranges
Voltage Range 0-5, 0.25-1.25, 1-5VDC
Current Range 4-20 or 10-50mA DC

Analog Output Specifications

Feature Description
Number of Outputs 2 outputs with user selectable current range
Logic Supply Current at 5 V DC 4-20 or 0-20 mA DC

Digital Input Specifications

Feature Description
Number of Inputs 4 inputs with user selectable configuration
Configuration 4 on/off or 2 on/off and two pulse
Power 27.5 VDC internal or DC power supply voltage option

Digital Output Module Specifications

Feature Description
Number of Outputs 2 outputs
Current(Maximum) 125mA @ 50VDC
Drop Out Voltage 1.0 V DC minimum

Communications Specifications

Feature Description
Vertical Communications Port To/from operator interface PC RS485/232 at 9600, 19200 or 38400 baud (1200 or 2400 baud are available and can be used when peer-to-peer communication is not used)
Peer-to-Peer Communications Port To/from other TRI-SEN 160s. RS485 at 286 kbaud.
Auxiliary Communications Port Modbus Protocol Communications Port. Selectable 1200 or 2400 baud for Modbus operations

Feature Description
Line Voltage 90 to 130 VAC, or 180 to 260 VAC, 45 to 400 Hz
Optional 24 VDC (nominal) power supply (23-28 VDC)
Power Requirements 35 watts max, 20 watts avg (depending on configuration)

Environmental Specifications

Feature Description
Temperature 32 to 130ºF (0 to 55ºC)
Humidity 5 to 96% relative humidity
Vibration 5 – 60 Hz at 0.030 inch total excursion along X, Y, and Z axes
Chemical Corrosion Resistance Conformal coating is applied to boards for protection against H2S, SO2, and traces of sand, salt, and dust.