Product Summaries

TS300 – Digital Turbine Governor

The first self-powered digital turbine governor. For your applications where there’s just not any power, the TS300 can run using power generated from two speed probes. It also has a back-up battery, providing power when the turbine is stopped or operating at low RPM.

310SV – Single-Valve Steam Turbine Control

The 310SV is a configurable controller that provides automatic startup sequencing, speed control and process control for a one-valve steam turbine driving a mechanical load (e.g. pump, fan, compressor). A powerful PC configurator allows the user to choose from a wide selection of control options to match the turbine operational requirements.

TSx – Programmable Platform for Engineered Projects

TSx provides the flexibility of a PLC, the reliability and integrity of a safety system, and the speed and power of a dedicated controller. TSx is a robust, programmable platform that includes Tri-Sen turbomachinery control libraries. TSx offers a wide range of I/O, including an on-board servo control module. TSx can be applied to a wide range of applications, including integrated turbine-compressor control, gas turbine control, and turbine-generator control.

TETRASENTRY – Hydraulic Trip System

The first quad-redundant, on-line repairable, on-line testable hydraulic trip system independently verified to meet SIL 3.

DSC100 – Digital Servo Controller

The DSC100 is a small, fully functioned digital servo controller that’s easy to configure, easy to calibrate, easy to operate, easy to install and, in the unlikely event it needs maintenance, easy to replace on-line. And, while your rotating equipment engineers and technicians will appreciate the ease of use, you’ll appreciate that it’s easy on your project budget.

Turbomachinery Control Accessories

Tri-Sen Systems offers a variety of turbomachinery control peripherals and accessories to accompany our control systems, including but not limited to servo controllers, LVDTs, hydraulic actuators, speed pick-ups, and gears.