Count On It

Install the 310SV on a steam turbine driving any mechanical load and count on
reliable, accurate speed control for years to come.

Predicting Performance

Ever wanted to take a look into the future? We have, so we built an off-line simulator into the 310SV that allows you to prove your configuration before starting up your turbine.

To access the 310SV Simulator demo, please provide your name and email address. We will send you a login to the demo by email.

Easy TMC

The 310SV is a turbomachinery controller that’s easy to set-up and simple to operate. Your rotating machinery engineers and technicians will appreciate the intuitive interfaces, as well as the trouble-free performance.


The 310SV is a fully integrated and configurable controller designed to startup, run, and protect single-valve steam turbines. The controller is designed to control steam turbines driving mechanical type loads, such as pumps, fans, compressors, and so on. In addition to speed control, the 310SV provides cascade control for controlling process variables such as suction/discharge pressure, or suction flow. A NEMA type 4 enclosure houses the 310SV allowing it to be mounted outdoors on the turbine deck. The unit is self-contained with internal termination hardware. The operator interface includes a display area that indicates the status of the turbine, as well as push-buttons that allow the operator to control the turbine. The 310SV is powered either by 24 volts DC, or by an optional 120/240 volt AC power supply.


  • Six flexible, digital I/O points, each configurable as a digital input or output by selecting the corresponding plug-in module. Input and output modules are available with a comprehensive range of voltages and current specifications to meet the requirements of almost any application.
  • 17 input functions and 18 output functions (including nozzle valve control) for each flexible digital I/O point.
  • Five separate remote digital inputs that can each be configured from a list of 17 input functions start, stop, speed raise/lower, halt, continue, idle/run, and alarm acknowledge
  • Completely automatic turbine startup
  • Eight configurable speed bands, each with separate ramp rates and idle times
  • Critical speed band avoidance
  • Startup, Run, Droop, and Overspeed Test tuning constants for the Speed PID
  • Process PID for control of process suction or discharge measurements
  • Local and remote speed and process setpoint control
  • Rugged front panel operator interface
  • Flexible, configurable I/O
  • Modbus serial data communications
  • Simulator
  • PC configurator


Powerful PC Configurator

The 310SV Configurator is a Windows-based software application that allows the user to configure the controller from a PC.

The Configurator makes setup easy with features like an expandable parameter view, drop down menus and checkboxes.

Detailed online help minimizes the need to refer to the User’s Guide during configuration. Configurations can be easily downloaded or uploaded to or from the 310SV and a comparison feature makes it easy to identify differences between two configuration files.

Real-Time Monitoring and Trending

The 310SV Configurator allows real-time monitoring of I/O values and states, calculated values and alarm and trip history.

Selectable real-time trending and recording are also included.


One of the most powerful features of the Configurator is the Simulate mode, which allows the user to test a configuration on the PC without running the turbine or even connecting to the 310SV controller.

The user can simulate a turbine startup and confirm configured speed ranges, ramp rates and digital I/O functions without leaving the shop or the office.


Analog Input Specifications

Feature Description
Number of Inputs 2 channels, differential current input
Resolution ± 0.25% of full scale
Accuracy ± 0.5% over operating temperature range
Input Range 4 to 20 mA
Burden 5 V max. at 20 mA
Common Mode Range ± 12 V

Analog Output Specifications

Feature Description
Number of Outputs 2, current source, ground-referenced
Output Range 4-20mA
Resolution ± 0.25% of full scale
Load Range 0-800Ω @ 20mA out

Actuator Output Specifications

Feature Description
Number of Outputs 1, current source, ground-referenced
Output Range 0 to 20 mA or 0 to 160 mA, selected at terminal block and from within the configurator
Resolution ± 0.25% of full scale
Load Range 20 mA: 0 to 800 ohms @ 20 mA out
160 mA: 0 to 100 ohms @ 160 mA out

Digital Input / Output (DIO) Specifications

Feature Description
Number of Points 6, each point configurable as input or output
Digital Output dependent on 310SV configuration and ambient temperature. See Appendix D of Users Guide

Remote Digital Input Specifications

Feature Description
Number of Inputs 5, optically isolated with common return, configurable signal assignment
Voltage Range 18 to 36 VDC
Current 10 mA nominal at 24 VDC wetting voltage

Pulse Input Module Specifications

Feature Description
Number of Inputs 2, passive magnetic
Input Voltage Range 1 to 10 Vrms sinusoidal
Input Frequency Range 20-20,000 Hz (20 to 20,000 RPM with 60 tooth gear)
Accuracy ±0.5 RPM @ 20°C
Sensor Passive magnetic sensors (the 310SV does not support active speed sensors.)

Power Input Specifications

Feature Description
DC power input
(DC model)
18 to 30 VDC
0.5 A typical @ 24 VDC
AC power input
(AC model)
95 to 260 VAC
0.2 A typical @ 120 VAC
Auxiliary output fuse 24 VDC auxiliary power output fused with 1 A Slo-Blo Picofuse, Littlefuse 473-001, located on the control board
Logic power fuse 24 VDC logic power input protected by a 1 A Slo-Blo Picofuse, Littlefuse 473 001, located on the control board
Auxiliary output 24 V @ 1.0 A

Performance Specifications

Feature Description
Cycle Time 20 milliseconds

Environmental Specifications

Feature Description
Operating temperature –25° C to 57° C (AC power version)
–25° C to 65° C (DC power version)
If the ambient temperature is above 45° C, you must shield the enclosure from all direct solar radiation so the maximum internal enclosure temperature is not exceeded.
Storage Temperature –40° C to 85° C (–40° F to 185° F)
Humidity 5% to 95%, non-condensing
Vibration Per axis: sinusoidal, 2.0 G acceleration, 10 to 150 Hz
Mechanical Shock 15 G for 11 ms, half sine, in each axis
Enclosure Type 4, watertight and dust-tight, indoor and outdoor


The 310SV is certified by Underwriter’s Laboratory to meet electrical safety and hazardous location standards for installation in the United States and Canada (c/UL/us).

UL File E233163

  • Class I, Division 2, Groups A, B, C, and D Hazardous Locations
  • Type 4 Enclosure Rating

12″W x 12″H x 6″D (304 x 304 x 152 mm):