ELLIOTT – TRI-SEN Turbomachinery Controls Alliance

Here at Tri-Sen we have had a long standing relationship with Elliott that we formalized at the 2012 Turbomachinery Symposium. And while – in our opinion – the alliance makes perfect sense, it occurred to us that you might have some questions.

Why an alliance?

It’s really pretty simple. Elliott wants to provide their users with a better product. Basically, Elliott figures that with a partner, they can standardize their controls offering which in turn results in more efficient and consistent delivery. This helps both the front end (proposal, scope definition etc.) of the project as well as after sales support (e.g. a consistent look and feel to turbomachinery control applications is easier to support).

Why Tri-Sen?

We’ve heard that Elliott was looking for a partner that was focused but still had comprehensive turbomachinery controls expertise. They wanted an alliance with someone who had a global manufacturing footprint, a comprehensive lineup of turbomachinery controls products as well as strong consultative expertise. So they conducted a 6+ month evaluation between 20 turbomachinery controls providers, measuring both quantitative and qualitative performance and Tri-Sen scored best all-round.

What exactly is the alliance?

Simply put, when Elliott sells a new turbine and in aftermarket applications, the standard control system they offer will be a Tri-Sen controls system.

How does the Alliance work for Elliott?

Tri-Sen controls solutions are part of the Elliott scope of supply. Tri-Sen programs, configures and in many cases manufactures the products and control systems, while Elliott is the interface on controls for their customers.

How does the Alliance work for Tri-Sen?

Besides the honor of being formally recognized as being Elliott’s partner, for us it has been “business as usual.” We still have our own sales force and we will continue to sell our products to anyone who needs a great turbomachinery controls solution.

How does the alliance change Tri-Sen Products?

Without question the biggest impact of the alliance, has been on improving our project execution. The alliance has afforded us opportunities to provide some very challenging controls solutions which have in turn stretched, strengthened and improved our delivery- from the proposals stages through system start up and after sales support.

How is this alliance important to me?

We hope that the reasons Elliott chose Tri-Sen as a partner translate directly to your experience regardless of the type of turbine you need to control. We haven’t changed as a result of this alliance, but we’re hoping that if you haven’t seriously considered our controls solutions, the formal recognition we’ve received from Elliott will give you an incentive to consider us.

Feel free to contact us, we’re happy to talk to you about this alliance or any and all things relating to turbomachinery and its control.